Taking Part in Territorio Desdibujado: Self Portrait/ Autorretrato

I am the T.V. / Soy la Televisión
Stare Like a Junkie/Parado como un drogadicto
Because Tragedy Fills me/ Porque eso me llena
Tragedia, violencia y sexo

Después del original performance de 'Niña en la Caja' hecho en 2007, este autoretrato (intervenido por la tecnología) fue parte del proyecto Territorio Desdibujado por Eliseo Solís Mora para la XI Velada de Santa Lucía, 4-6 Marzo 2011.

After the original live performance of 'Girl in the Box' made in 2007, this self portrait (intervened by technology) was part of the Territorio Desdibujado (Blurred Territory) curatorial project by Eliseo Solís Mora in la Velada de Santa Lucía.

Rodell Warner and I both took part in this project with self portraits. While there Eliseo, Rodell and I decided to also perform together. Below is the video; it is called Silencio/ Silence.

This performance had to with the difficulty and tension of communication as faced with differences. The piece was repeated randomly through the night. As visitors came in the house of Eliseo's exhibition to view his work we would engage in what may seem to be an aggressive argument. But it was not an argument only a simulation. We communicated in the most basic of ways; facial expressions, gestures, different tone and pitch and only one word- Silence/Silencio - as a contradiction/ contrast to our chaotic action. Like the Tower of Babel we spoke different languages to each other but the more we spoke the more heated our interactions got as there was no message received through the communication. Instead what happened is that we became emotive and unintelligible; we shout, we repeat ourselves, and we laugh at each other to retreat/ return once more into our different worlds.

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