Girl in the Box

Part I of the Machine

The Machine contains inherent values of Industrialization, Progress, Technology, ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’, World Wars, Human Suffering, Defects, Materialism, Consumerism, Commercialism, Mass-Production, Convenience, Destruction, Annihilation, Globalization, Modernization, Man-made, Deconstruction . It has forever changed the life of man kind; it represents phenomena that have followed the singular act of creating machinery to complicate and distort living. This relates to the idea of limits as convenience has been an underlying and false rationale behind these phenomena.

(I Am a Thinking Machine/Consciousness is a disease)

This way the Machine relates to the progress of man-kind but I also want to consider it as a metaphor and medium to understand the human being as a Machine itself. This provides a context for venturing into the philosophical realms that asks the questions, What is the human being? What are its components? What is human consciousness? What is the nature of this being?
The more parallels I can draw between the Nature of machines and the Nature of the human being would I be able to inform my vision of them as one and the same.

In November of 2007, I came up with an exercise in which I could pose these questions to myself through experience. This has since become the 'Girl in the Box' series.

Versions of 'Girl in the Box'

Two different edits from the 'Girl in the Box' series can be viewed below.

The first is Discomfort + Speed

The Second version was filmed by the BOOKMANN, from the original 'performance' at Alice Yard in November 2007.