Being Everywhere

All One Breath
photo by Simone Gilliatt

Being Everywhere is a project started by Stefan Riebel based on his performative and sculptural works. He fills white balloons with his breath and sends them to people all over the world to burst and release his breath wherever they are. Anybody can take part by emailing him from this link:

I had asked to take part in January, 2011 and in April I received a package containing the balloon with his breath still intact.

I went to the beach and had myself buried with the balloon in my mouth and then I burst it. Below is a video I made of it:

I was interested to participate in this project because of its conceptual nature using an ephemeral material like breath to form bonds between people all over the world. It reveals our common fragility; making our distance apart seem less than it is. It unites us through mail and the internet but also most importantly through one individual's breath which then becomes everybody's breath.

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