Part II of The Machine

The T.V. Conversation installed at Alice Yard

The T.V. Conversation

The conversation among five t.v.s consisted of five short videos I made. Each video explored a different aspect of discomfort. There was one about my gendered experiences from girl-hood to womanhood called 'All the Girls'. Another showed the footage from the 'Girl in the Box' performance staged at Alice Yard as Part I to this project. This footage was also sped to double time to produce another video, called 'Fast Forward Me'. There was also another one produced during the first semester which mimicked the quick and seemingly random cuts of M.t.v. programming, this was called 'MTV'. The last one was the video documentation of a self produced play called 'The Machine' .This play describes my understanding of Postmodernism. It was performed twice; at Studio Film Club to a live audience and in my Garage to be filmed for the video.

This is the story board, illustrating all the scenes in the play The Machine