See No Evil

See No Evil is about the social surveillance of bodies
There is no freedom as the body is constantly being observed by the gaze of a million eyes
Evil is the glare of every stare and the presumptions that invalidate the one gazed at
To see no evil is to render the gaze harmless by not acknowledging it
Denial can be the worst punishment and self defense the greatest self preservation

Within this body I have grown, and there is the tendency to take for granted this vessel until there is the understanding that this is a tool once we learn how to use and, or control it. With self control there is an appreciation of what it can do and by testing its limits we get to glimpse the limitless which is the self within. Without control we are driving carelessly; allowing false control to bear witness and create delusion. The ego takes the wheel and tends to attach itself to every occurrence on this trip - saying 'I am a series of events that happened to me' - everything occurs in relation to this fragile sense of self. All mental anguish comes from ego; if I withdraw the ego then there is no pain to feel. But if my sense of self is both so strong and weak- the ego is but a fattened being laying above a hungry and feeble self unable to move; then I am left with little choice than to withdraw the senses. Lessened sense stimulation may lessen a false stimulation of self.

These are just preliminary thoughts for a study in sense withdrawal to achieve self withdrawal. I start with what I see- since sight is a dominant sense- we tend to be overly dependent on the visual to validate reality. 

I wear the white dress that has almost become like a uniform in recent performances. It is a simbol of past experiences; of childhood; of the idea of purity- all attachments of ego. I use body movements from capoeira and yoga. I use elements of the sun salutation ( hatha yoga) and esquivas  or evasion movements (capoeira). These forms are deconstructed and strung together in a dance of  defense, evasion and acceptance in this blind desired state.

It was recorded in the center of the Savannah and it was shown as part of the CoCo dance festival.