Morena Memory

Morena memory is part of a series in which I extract characters of myself and present them each in isolation. It is about embodied history and how it complicates the present with internal anxiety and tension. It looks at the embodiment of the past in the present. The body is an artifact of all our history for us to unravel, deconstruct and then reconstruct as we desire. In like manner I have used my body for the camera's investigation; it scopes out the specific dress, skin color, hair texture and style and other features of imagined identity. It is an object being watched as it also watches out into distant hills. The tension builds through sound; the breath - climaxing and exhausting, and the laughter of children as they ominously sing, 'there is a brown girl in the ring'.

A version of the video was recently shown in Season of Renewal an exhibition celebrating 50 years of Trinidad & Tobago's Independence. It took place at the regional headquarters of the U.W.I. Mona Campus, Jamaica.

More info on the event can be seen in the links below: