Low Lives #2


The Body embodies... It is a sponge that has the potential to reveal every experience with every sub atomic particle; it is all present and willing to betray or reveal what has been buried within.

'En Cell' is a reference to my room and the basic structural unit of all organisms. The obscurity, vulnerability, and spontaneity of this piece are like the cell in terms of how little we actually know about ourselves yet the Cell is our basic fabric- our everything and our basic desire to connect and communicate.

During the performance, through regular status updates on Facebook, I asked for people to call my cell phone in order to make my performance interactive while emphasizing the message of communication and connection.

This was my contribution to Low Lives2. The performance fell on the last day of the Proximities show at Alice Yard, however during my performance they took the time to be part of it by logging on to the site to watch it, by calling my cell and by interacting on the live chat service on the ustream site

The video for En_Cell

By exploiting technology for its capacity to transmit, blur the context; the medium becomes the message. It illustrates that technology has a way of distorting humans; making us almost non-existent as it warps reality and makes humans more and more dependent on technology for social interaction.

Low Lives is an exhibition of live performance-based works by artists from different parts of the world and projected in real time at FiveMyles in Brooklyn, NY; Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, FL; and labotanica, Houston, TX. Low Lives is curated by Jorge Rojas.
(From the site http://turbulence.org/blog/2009/06/24/low-lives-call-for-artists/)

More information can be seen on the Low Lives website, http://www.lowlives.net/