Women Don't Grow on Trees

This series of works developed from the dismembered parts I was making for the Hot Woman sculpture. This idea was rejected for living sculptures. However I decided to use the pieces for a new show after 'The Temple of Local Sexuality'. I also continued making some more parts while I also asked around if anyone would be interested in working with me. I wanted this to be a collaboration in which my main contribution would be an installation of the casts of female parts. My research led me to a Spoken Word Artist- Ivory Hayes and coincidentally she was working on the ideal event. Together with Tracie Rogers, Jada Lee Condappa, Althea Octave, Akilah Riley, Joanne Charles; they worked on a performance piece about female solidarity. I contributed the name of the event, the artistic design of the show and the place. It happened in a forested area near the chemistry building in the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. I was always drawn to it because it was poorly lit and foreboding. There have also been reports that there are high incidents of rapes at this site which made it important to have this work performed there.

The Guardian newspaper published a feature on the event, it can be read here

More images can be seen here