Dirty Water

Ends with Dirty
Photo by Dominique Veerasammy

At the launch of the second issue of the Caribbean Intransit art Journal I performed Dirty Water. It is a piece containing subtle tricks and obscurities as I collect, release and transfer water from four vessels including my own body. 

There is a dark basin in front of where I sit, so the cleanliness of it can not be discerned. A calabash bowl falls from inside my dress and water is in my mouth now revealed as my cheeks expand. I collect the bowl, proceed to let out the water from my mouth into the bowl and I also spit into it several times. I have another bowl with water underneath my chair. I drink from one and spit into the other. The water comes out of my mouth clean but when it comes out of the bowl it is dark. When I sit I rest the calabash bowl on my laps and it leaks onto my dress. I make slight variations of the actions; it progresses to me standing and letting the water drip back into the basin. It ends with me spitting the water out as a final release.

Starts Clean
Photo by Elliott Stallion

Below is video footage from the performance:

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