Camera Walk #1

Camera Walk #3, Berlin- Germany

This was part of my process in preparation for the final performance of the Performance Art Studies (P.A.S.) workshop. Feeling completely isolated and anonymous compelled me to record every fleeting moment as I was experiencing it. I went into different shops asking people I met to help me tape the camera to my head covering one eye. This exercise was a means to submerge myself even more fully into my experience as an outsider. It is an anxious impulse that helps articulate a variety of feelings and so I have decided to continue this activity in different cities that I travel to. However I will do it only in a state of anxiety and so the camera becomes a mask or bandage over myself. It is to protect myself but also to record that which causes me discomfort. To record something is to conquer it somewhat as I trap and preserve it for future reference in a small mechanical device. Through this process I render reality less a thing of terror.

On returning to Trinidad & Tobago I started editing the footage and it was then used in the We The Artists exhibition curated by Nicollette Ramirez. Below is the video Penetrative/ Berlin

The video can also be seen at

More on the exhibition can be read here:

Since then, I have conducted two more Camera Walks; one in Choroní Venezuela during PerfoChoroní and the other at the National Museum of Trinidad as another contribution to the We The Artists exhibition.