Proyecto Capital

Photo by Alejandro Mina

I met visiting artists Mar Molano and Alejandro Mina from Columbia here studying English. Through our interactions I got to experience Trinidad & Tobago in new ways as pseudo-host and I also got to experience my own Latin identity as pseudo-interpreter. Based on the time we spent together we decided to collaborate on a project documenting some of our experiences around finding coins on the street.

We called it Proyecto Capital and it was shared at Alice Yard. We showed a map that showed where all of the coins were found; we showed a mound of all the coins collected; and a slide show of photos of the coins when they were found.

This,, is the blog we created to document our process and the event.

Proyecto Capital

This project is based on observation. On our daily route through Port of Spain it is possible to find a large amount of money in the streets. Apparently insignificant to the local eye but to the foreign eye it suggests a comparison with the city they came from, Bogota, and other cities. The idea is to collect the money and document the process to later make an installation. It seeks to make one reflect on the gesture of throwing
away coins and collecting them to then re-insert them in the society; changing its capital value for a symbolic one.