Sugar Baby Doll

Photo by Arnaldo James
'Sugar Baby Doll'

In 2009 I performed versions of the Traditional Mas Character: The Baby Doll. I performed it first at Victoria Square P.O.S. and the second time at U.W.I. St. Augustine Campus for Taking Back the Night.

The character is dressed like a doll in frills and other decorations. In her arms she carries a doll which symbolizes a baby born out of marriage. The masquerader stops men in the audience accusing them of being the baby's father; and confronting them with their responsibility she asks, 'Where de Money?'

Performers can take as much license as they want with the script what remains constant is the crowd interaction; accusing males of being the irresponsible father of their child. In my piece I became a pregnant school girl who was in a relationship with a 'Sugar Daddy' but he left 'me' once I revealed I was pregnant for him.

Photos by Arnaldo James

'Pretending to be Happy!'

The Second time I played Baby Doll it was at U.W.I.'s Taking Back the Night. There was a march, vigil and rally. I did a performance called 'Pretending to be Happy!' . It was motivated by the recent abuses (many that ended in death) of women and children that were reported in the media.

Video of 'Pretending to be Happy!'

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