Moving Silent Silhouettes

At Brian Lara Promenade
(Port of Spain)

The Performances:

The performance happened twice, accompanying the different showings at U.W.I and at the Brian Lara Promenade. It was unscripted and unrehearsed however it has one title: Promises Broken.
A bouquet of flowers was used to embody the commercial practice of giving women flowers; symbolic of a promise of love and commitment. It also suggests the act of giving flowers to the dead at funerals or commentaries. Additionally it reflects the patriarchal view that women are fragile and pretty. When their looks and other functions fade, they can be discarded like decaying flowers. Domestic abuse; whether physical, psychological or sexual is the betrayal of the 'promises' men make to women.

At U.W.I. I walked with a vigil-march co-ordinated by the U.W.I. Consciousness Raising group. At the end of it I began my performance. I ended up calling out each number that altogether equaled the amount of victims. After which I fell to the floor and proceeded to give each Silent Silhouette a flower from a bouquet I held in memory of their death and the tragedy of an abusive relationship.

At the Brian Lara Promenade it was interactive. I had an elevated stage area and so was separated from the Silent Silhouettes below. For this reason people were invited to give a flower to each Silent Silhouette.

The Performance at Brian Lara Promenade

During the performance members of the public tied flowers on to the Silent Silhouettes

The video below shows combined footage from both performance at U.W.I. and the Brian Lara Promenade. It can also be seen, together with some photos from the performances, in the second version of Acción en Vivo y Diferido. The video was also screened several times during the second annual Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

The Silent Silhouettes at U.W.I.

Photos by Mariamma Kambom